Rice from the Highland of Borneo

Beras Adan putih

The rice comes in three varieties: white, black and red. The locals call it pade adan buda, hitem dan sia. Adan rice is a local variety cultivated by the indigenous peoples of the Krayan Highlands, in the Heart of Borneo. The Krayan Highlands are located in the Nunukan District of North Kalimantan.  The rice is a superior product, the result of traditional and natural agricultural methods, with specific fragrance, taste and texture.


Beras Adan Hitam

The black Adan Krayan variety has unique fragrance and taste. It is richer in minerals such as Calcium (Ca), phosphorus (P), and iron (Fe) compared to the standard black rice varieties, while its fat content is lower. The black adan is also high in protein (9,3%). The red adan variety has high content of vitamin B2, both healthy rice choices for family. The white variety of the Krayan Adan rice has received the certificate of Geographic Indication from the Government.


Brosur Beras Adan Krayan


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Kelompok Tani Beras Adan Krayan di Buduk Kubul, Tang Paye’, Long Api
Kecamatan Krayan, Kabupaten Nunukan, Kalimantan Utara

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