Strengthening the indigenous people’s economic through local products is important. One such product we find in almost every community is coffee. Toraya, an area that spans from Tana Toraja district to Toraja Utara district –  and Enrekang district are producers of coffee with national and even international reputation. The local government prioritizes those areas for coffee intensification program.

Assistance to coffee producers in the area has been focusing strengthening economic independence based on local wisdom, good environmental practices and sustainable principles and other local traditions kept alive from generations to generations.

Toraya and Enrekang are basically one large landscape with historical coffee plantation from the past. Coffee has been part of local community lifestyle. For Toraya people, coffee is not just a drink, it is a social tool. They welcome guest with coffee, first served before others. 



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Masyarakat adat di Tana Toraja dan Enrekang
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