Lead the way by example

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You CAN support wise foodways and become a champion of local, sustainable , fair and healthy foodways starting from yourself, your family, and the community around you.

Using this checklist, select some concrete actions that you commit to doing and define your  own journey to securing wiser foodways.

From time to time, check the list of actions and the progress you have made. You can also add and share with others actions that can help support wise foodways

I will:


  • Spread awareness about wise Foodways, invite  more friends, colleagues and family to sign the pledge to  support the  Wise Foodways campaign (Pangan Bijak Nusantara campaign)
  • Choose a diet rich in local food products, diversify your diet, not only rice
  • Promote the use of  local, healthy, fair and sustainable  food products to  friends and neighbours, families and communities
  • Plant vegetables in pots and in my small space in my front/backyard in the city, I grow my vegetables from local seeds
  • Get friends and neighbours to start  common gardens in schools, areas around worship places, community health centers, and degraded land
  • Create and share new recipes that make use of healthy locally-grown food
  • Shop at local shops, traditional and farmers’ markets, co-ops, or buy food directly from local farmers and producers
  • Buy fair trade, organic food products
  • Use recycled, environmental friendly packaging for food products
  • Implement a reduce, reuse, recycle program in your home, workplace or community
  • Apply “No Styrofoam or plastic” rule
  • Speak out for including local, healthy, fair and sustainable food in disaster and emergency preparedness plans
  • Talk to your local politicians on the importance of changing food systems to wise foodways


Read about sustainable and equitable food systems and the importance of biodiversity

Write articles or blogs about sustainable food systems and benefits from consuming locally-grown foods

Educate others about the link between sustainable food production, nutrition and health

Have discussions at home/office/neighbourhood on how to build a fast-food free home/office/community

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