‘Merdeka’ curriculum and Wise Foodways Guidebook for Student

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Raffa, 7th grade student at SMP Pembangunan Jaya (junior high school) started his day with honey, he said “it was sweet and tasty, the texture is soft I don’t need to chew, I can quickly swallow and that’s it.” Raffa knows then what to chat with his father who is a coffee lover because he found interesting stories about coffee in the guidebook he got from his teacher entitled Wise Foodways Guidebook for Student.

Parent-child dialogue and field trip ideas to coffee producing areas in Indonesia are among many impacts expected from the use of  the publication. Miss Eka, Raffa’s teacher, teaches Integrated Social Science and discussed some of the food products in book.

“Our current topic is about provinces in Indonesia. We use alternative learning sources that students seldom have, and by using this book we taught our students about food in the regions,” said Miss Eka.

The online discussion entitled “LKS Merdeka, LKS Pangan Bijak Nusantara” was organized via zoom on Friday (18/02) participated by 94 students, teachers and school supervisors.

Recently the Indonesian Ministry of Education, Culture, Research, and Technology launched new national curriculum called Merdeka Curriculum. Merdeka means freedom.  The new curriculum revitalizes Indonesia education system with project-based, cross-subject learning culture. At least 30% learning portion will be dedicated for project-based learning and school is given flexibility to use any relevant material. The Wise Foodways Guidebook for Student, produced in worksheet form (usually known as Lembar Kerja Siswa or LKS), can be used when schools/teachers adopt the Merdeka Curriculum.

One participant Mrs Devy Mariyatul Ystykomah wrote “I used to hear LKS many times, I have been so uninterested to LKS. Now looking at this impressive LKS, I feel very motivated. I want to practice this too.”

Mrs. Kurniati Sekarsari Dwi Lesmana said, “I am interested to use this LKS in my kindergarten class.” With some adjustments the LKS is potential as learning medium for other education level such as kindergarten eventhough it is primarily intended for students in grades 4-9 (elementary and junior high schools).

Mrs. Nurjanah Laila stated, “It turns out that LKS can be this interactive. It’s very interesting for teachers, students and even parents!”

Mrs. Saurma Nadapdap from SMPN 15 Bekasi might feel at ease because she gets additional teaching materials with the LKS book. “This can be used as reading material in literacy activities and at the same become project for other classes such as Indonesia Language, Art & Culture, Natural Science, Social Science. Very interesting!” she wrote in chat column.

Download Guidebook here.

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