Krayan Local Harvest: Time to Receive

Video by Ellias Yesaya / Formadat Krayan*

Once a year farmers in Krayan, North Kalimantan will do harvesting activity. Usually it falls between January and February, a time when they will be very busy in the field.

Agricultural practices done by people in Krayan is what their older generations have carried out traditionally, which today is largely known as organic agriculture.

Among many varieties grown by Krayan farmers, a very famous one is Adan rice. Adan rice will need around five to six months from seedlings to harvest. Then it will be left untouched, undisturbed with any agricultural activities. It is such farming practices observed by Lundayeh people, the indigenous Dayak people in Krayan.

For villagers in Krayan, harvest time is such a time to receive what they have given to the nature. By carefully observing the customary rules on farming system, starting from tillage, irrigation, seed selection, seeding time, planting time, space, plant care, pest and finally to harvest, even post-harvest. It is time to receive the fruit of their patience for giving enough time for the soil to rest and recover, and to best prepare so that it is ready for planting the next six months after last harvest.

We need to support this way of food production, there is a balance between food security and taking care the environment where the food is grown.

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*Video/photo contribution by Ellias Yesaya from Formadat in Krayan. Formadat stands for Forum Masyarakat Adat Dataran Tinggi (di Borneo) or The Alliance of the Indigenous Peoples of the Highlands in the Heart of Borneo

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