Wise Foodways for a Fair and Just Food System

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Wise foodways talk about fair and just food systems that cover fair price, easy access to food and welfare of food producers. Fair and just food systems will take into account equality aspect for food production actors, including women producers.

Despite the fact that women’s role is significant in the food production, it is often unnoticed and unrecognized. Even though they have unique and valuable sets of knowledge and skills in the food system.

Many studies reveal women are able to recognize and identify more species in forests. This unique skill is very valuable for food and medicine purposes, in addition to of course for the protection of biodiversity.

Recognizing vital role of women in the food system is not only for the benefit of women themselves, but also for society and the environment.

Celebrating World Social Justice Day on February 20, let’s commit to being wise consumers by supporting fairly produced food.

Info: Consortium of Local Harvest is promoting Wise Foodways campaign and work together as one instead of work alone. Five organizations (Hivos, WWF-Indonesia, NTFP-EP, AMAN, ASPPUK) have agreed to work together to create a local, healthy, fair and sustainable food system through their respective focuses. The Women Association for Small and Micro Business Assistance (ASPPUK) is at the forefront fighting for a just food system for women. Check out ASPPUK’s work in the field and their direct interactions with women producers via the web or on social media Facebook & Instagram.

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