The Role of Young Generation in Food Security

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Content contributor: Faishal Muhammad Dzulfiqar (student of UPN Veteran University Jakarta)*

Faishal Muhammad Dzulfiqar

Most of all countries have listed food security to become their priority to work on, as it is part of the global Sustainable Development Goals #2. Food security has become an issue to anticipate worldwide.

Food is one of the primary needs whose fulfillment is the right for all humans. Therefore, every human being has the right to access safe, good quality, nutritious and healthy food.

To ensure the primary need is attained, a sustainable food system has to be in place to guarantee inclusive access, sustainable production and consumption is applied, and then food loss and food waste is minimized.

Young generations are inheritors of the works of their forerunners, they are those that will decide the future of the nation. They play important role to lead and drive the way of their country.

The juveniles have the opportunity and role to provide solutions over the nation’s food security with issues with their thoughts and creative ideas. There have been many examples of Indonesian youth to demonstrate solutions to food security through innovation and creativity.

For instance, a group of young farmers from Village Kopeng in Semarang, Central Java. According to website, the group called Citra Muda Getasan has planted 10 hectares of productive lands with 70 varieties of vegetables. Worth to mention that they are practicing organic farming system which has its loyal market and in great demand.

During pandemic the sales is even increased to over 300% thanks to social media marketing platform. This has attracted attention from the governor of Central Java, Ganjar Pranowo, who was riding on bicycle almost 33 miles to visit the farm and expressed his appreciation to the works that have been done by young farmers. (Read for more ~ in Bahasa: )

You don’t have to start with big things, as exemplified by young farmers of Citra Muda Getasan now. In fact, they even started it small and were consistent with this effort for a dozen years until it eventually became a fairly large-scale business.

You and I, can quickly start to help building our nation’s food security and its sustainability from easy and simple things, such as:

  • Choose local food that are healthy and sustainable
  • Plant your own home garden with urban farming strategy
  • Respect food and reduce food waste.

It is hoped that the young generations of Indonesia, a priceless asset of the nation, with their vigorous spirit and highly innovative souls can help building the strong foundation for Indonesia’s food security in the future, to survive and achieve the goal of food sovereignty.

* Faishal was an intern student for the Local Harvest project during the period of August 2021 to Oktober 2021. Since the beginning of the campaign in 2018, the project has received many supports from universities students around Indonesia, starting from the early development of website, content creation and distribution information.

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