Indonesian sago with export quality comes from Sungai Tohor village in Tebing Tinggi Timur subdistrict, Riau. The majority of people in Sungai Tohor work as sago farmers, while others work in sago processing plants.

Rangkaian tual sagu siap ditarik ke kilang

Menggolek tual atau mendorong tual menuju kanal

Today, Sungai Tohor producers can supply 16 sago processing plants in the subdistrict. They produce various sago products including sago starch, sago sugar, noodle, cracker and other sago snacks. Wet sago starch is also marketed internationally to countries like Malaysia, Singapore and China. Increase in productivity can help the local economy. But productivity needs to also secure sustainability and improve processing standards.




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Masyarakat di Desa Sungai Tohor, Kecamatan Tebing Tinggi Timur
Kabupaten Kep. Meranti, Riau

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