A Gift of Healthy Soil

“Only once a year we plant our rice fields and harvest, after that we let the soil at rest. We do not disturb the soil with chemical fertilizers. The fertility of our soil comes from rice straws and water buffalo dung that is grazed in the fields when the harvest is completed.”

~ Nengsih

Mrs. Ester, Mrs. Agustina and Mrs. Nengsih are three Dayak Lundayeh women and farmers from Krayan in North Kalimantan who attended PARARA Festival 2021. They exposed the reasons for their rice product being super premium quality.

Aside from the inherited farming tradition, the role and involvement of women like them is very important in maintaining soil health and food production cycles for food security and good food with nutrition.

The farmers in Krayan are not tempted to increase the frequency of planting to two or three times a year, because they believe that the best yields will come if they let the land a chance to rest. With the tradition of interval planting, the land is able to return its vitality to being ready for planting stage and give the best results in the following year.

After harvest, buffalos will be left to wallow in the fields until the next planting time comes
Photo (c) Albert Teo

Adan rice is cultivated in a traditional and natural way by the farmers of the Krayan Highlands. They include water buffalo herding in their farming system, and irrigate rice fields with clear water from the mountainous lands surrounding their fields. That’s why Adan Krayan rice is so delicious, it’s a gift from the healthy soil!

Happy World Soil Day, everyone.

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