The word ‘Bijak’ or wise was chosen to reflect all four elements of sustainable and equitable food systems:  local, healthy, fair and sustainable.

The current campaign has identified 7 products as symbols to help educate the public about Pangan Bijak Nusantara or the wise foodways of the archipelago. These products are produced by local farmers and Indigenous people, men and women.

These (7) seven products are Adan Rice from the Krayan in North Kalimantan, crude salt from Rembang in Central Java, Virgin Coconut Oil from Nias, North Sumatera, palm sugar from Kolaka, North Sulawesi, forest honey from Danau Sentarum in West Kalimantan, coffee from Toraja and Enrekang in South Sulawesi, and sago from Tohor River in Riau.